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[originally posted on Fear the Fin]

I follow a great NFL stats blog called Advanced NFL Stats, that uses live win-probability modeling to determine which of the two teams is most likely to win. This football off-season the author of that blog has started looking at other sports, hockey being one of them. The post on March 9th was his first about modeling hockey games. In the post, he describes the Poisson equation and how to determine the probability of a team scoring or allowing a certain amount of goals, and through that, the possibility of them winning games.  Go ahead and read his post. I’ll wait….. OK! So I thought it might be neat to see what the Sharks numbers were…


A recent post on the Beyond the Boxscore blog pointed me to another blog entry on Statspeak called Building a sabermatrician’s workbench.  And as the web will do, I was in turn pointed to

I’m not new to MySQL databases or SQL queries, but the existence of a free baseball database was news to me, so I downloaded and imported the beast.  It’s quite an interesting blob of data and you can use it to analyize and discover tidbits about your favorite teams and players.  (more…)