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Over the past few years, NASCAR has entered into an era they’ve never really ever had to deal with before: stagnation.  Since it’s inception sixty years ago, it has grown, sometimes with leaps and bounds, and sometimes will small baby steps… but it had never faltered.  However, they are dealing with lower ratings and ticket sales, mostly due to unexciting racing and drivers who lack the personality of their predecessors.

Today, all the NASCAR drivers and owners will be in a mandatory meeting with the NASCAR officials to discuss what they can do to make the sport better.  They want to know about what would make the races more exciting for the fans so that they’ll buy more tickets and keep the channel tuned to the race, but more importantly, make a new generation of fans.  I thought I would run down a list of the issues in the sport today and give my perspective from twenty years of being a fan of the sport.