Hex – Alpha

Hex Alpha v0.4 – Early Version Placeholder
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Final version is in a holding pattern while I rethink the meaning of life.
Project Hex is a game where players take turns placing a card from their hand onto the board. Cards have values on each edge and if the card is placed next to another card, the values on adjacent edges are compared. If the placed card has an edge value greater than the edge value of the opponent’s card, then the opponent’s card is captured and “flipped” to match the placed card’s color. When the board is filled, the winner is the player with the most cards on the board in their own color.
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Known Issues:
* Some kind of miniscule overlap in board hexes.
* No end-game conditions, just reload the page.
* Once you pick up a card, you can’t change cards.

* Board size/shape?
* Hex ranks? (every card has 1-6, so each card is weak+strong)
* Strategy?
* Found any bugs?