How to get Kane back in his mask

Quick Trivia, other than the Undertaker the night Kane made his debut, who were Kane’s first victims?

Kane has been maskless for a few years now, and while it was interesting at first, it’s really diluted the character.  Kane usually seems to be over pretty well with the fans, and is one good push away from being a believable champion again.  I think he’s been a great company man for many years and deserves a good push to the belt.  I don’t think it would get in the way of Batista or Cena who will probably just get injured next year anyway.  I won’t write down all the little details, but I came up with a way to bring back some excitement with the Kane character and put him back in his mask.

  • Start with a month of Kane starting to hear things and getting distracted in his matches.
  • Next month, he starts to talk about “him” and about how he’s coming. No one knows what he’s talking about.
  • Put him in that month’s PPV in a high profile match, either one on one or in a four-way or something.  Before the end of the match the lights go red and flames go up on the tron, with a picture of his old mask.  He’s distracted and is eliminated or runs out or something.  The flame mask image happens over the next month.
  • Next PPV Kane is scheduled to be in a match with someone.  When he comes down, he’s wearing his old mask and body suit.  The announcers are a little confused, but roll with it.  Kane wins his match, only someone finds an unmasked Kane knocked out backstage.
  • Over the next month, Kane looks for the Masked Kane and interferes with matches, beats people backstage all the time screaming about “him” and claiming that everyone knows where he is.  On the Monday before the next PPV, they don’t allow Kane into the arena, but the last scene for RAW is Stephanie signing a contract with Masked Kane for Kane vs Kane at the PPV in a Buried Alive match.
  • PPV matchup with Kane and Kane roughly even, but eventually, to everone’s shock, Masked Kane wins.  He throws Kane into the grave, throws some dirt on him and the tombstone is lit on fire.
  • From now on, the only Kane we see is the masked Kane.

Ok, there’s a lot there and it spans a good deal of the year.  I think the best storylines are paced and never hurried.  Logistically, they should put Festus in the Masked Kane outfit (he was the Masked Kane in their match a few years ago).  I don’t think double duty as Masked Kane/Festus for a few months would be a problem.  Once the match is over, the real Kane can just don the mask and continue to wrestle with it.

Kane at this point could turn into the same kind of character as the early Undertaker who brought retribution from the dark side.  Make him run wild for awhile until people ask for Undertaker’s help in dealing with him.  They probably should have one more feud before Undertaker hangs up his boots for good.  Their storyline could be the classic brother saves brother from evil.  Hell, the ultimate reveal could be that Kane did have a son from some horrid tryst 20 years ago.  Find some young wrestler who then has to deal with trying to be normal, while suffering from the same psychotic delusions as his father and uncle.  They could even take Fetus and make him the son.  Looking at their ages, Kane would have been 16 or so when the tryst happened.  Claim that Festus’ mother didn’t treat him well and beat him and that is what lead to his low mental state, but monstrous attitude in the ring.  Bring back Paul Bearer and he could claim that he brought Festus to the WWE to seek revenge or help him or whatever.

Lots of interesting directions to head in.

Trivia Answer: The Hardy Boys