Spring Vacation Day Seven – Phoenix Zoo and Papago Park

We got up earlier than normal today s o we could get to the Phoenix Zoo shortly after it opened.  It was nice to be able to go everywhere without trying to navigate people, but that changed about thirty minutes in when the kids on field trips arrived.  It was one of the busiest days of the year for the Zoo, since it’s spring break for a lot of kids and some schools in session bring their kids here for a field trip.

We saw lots of animals and took a decent amount of pictures.  I think my best photos today were of the orangutan yawning, the groudhog eating, and the plant life.  The cactus and flowers just seem like great photos with the framing and colors.  You can check out the photos here.

We left the Zoo and went to Papago Park, which was right next door.  There are some neat rock formations to climb on.  We picked one with a hole in the side near the top.  We threw hunter in his hiking backpack and started off to the rock.  Once in the hole on the side, we took some pictures of the view.  I also climbed outside of the hole and up the side until I got to the very top of the rock.  One of these days I’ll stitch the ring of photos I took all into one.

After Papago Park, we went back to the hotel to let Hunter take a cool bath.  He played in the ducky bath and had a lot of fun splashing around.  For dinner, we drove to downtown Phoenix and ate at an Irish pub and watched some NCAA basketball games.  I had the fish and chips and Heather had some shepherd’s pie for the first time.  She liked it.  We did make a stop at Denny’s for some desert and then back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we have the last baseball game where the A-Team play host to the G-Men.