Spring Vacation Day Eight – Athletics vs Giants

Today was the last baseball game of the trip and the Athletics hosted the cross-bay rival Giants.  The game wasn’t so great from the perspective of the A’s, except for the five innings thrown by Trevor Cahill.  The only thing bad that happened to him was Travis Ishikawa belted the first of his two homeruns.  After that though, the Giants stepped it up and scored seven more to win 8-4.  One of the most interesting parts of the game, even though it was at the expense of the A’s, was when Bobby Crosby came up to hit with runners Matt Carson on first and Aaron Cunningham on second.  Crosby hit the ball to the thirdbaseman Ryan Rohlinger, who immediately tagged Carson going to third, tossed the ball to Matt Downs at second to force out Cunningham and then threw it to Scott McClain at first to get Crosby out.  Triple play.  You don’t see those very often.

It was a quicker game than all the rest so we actually got back to the hotel pretty quick.  We don’t have anything else planned since we’d like to get to bed early tonight.  If we can wake up early enough and get rolling, we might be at home by bedtime tomorrow.  Off to dinner and to organize our stuff for the car!