Ludum Dare #17 Pre-Compo Competition!



The latest in the Ludum Dare 48 Hour competitions is less than a week away! Time to get out that base code and wait, right?

WRONG! There is so much for you to get ready and practice. You could be doing any of these:

  • Draw some sprites for a random animation, either directly in a bitmap editor or on paper and scan them.
  • Polish that basecode to fix that thing you found last compo that really bugged you.
  • Install GIMP or Audacity or other development related application and practice how to use it.
  • Pull out your microphone and record yourself and other sounds around the house to create a song in Audacity.
  • Create a Towlr.
  • Think of witty motivational posters.
  • Rip CDs to MP3s and create a great 48hr in-the-zone coding playlist.
  • Stock up on food for the weekend.
  • Clean and organize your desk.
  • If you are feeling adventurous, take your first steps with that new language.
  • Vote!
  • Spend some quality time with the family so they know you still love them when you ignore them over the weekend.

Whatever you do, please share it with us on Ludum Dare! And also, no matter how much or what it is that you do, you’re a winner in this pre-compo competition!

Of course, none of these things will actually be used in the LD competition since that is against the rules (except the basecode) however they can’t keep you from using the skills you just learned!