One Game A Month



I am signed up for the One Game A Month challenge. The goal is to create 12 games, one a month, for the entirety of 2013. I know I will never be able to do that, but my goal is something that I think I can do: finish three games. The plan is to finish the last two Ludum Dare entries, from compos 24 (Evolution) and 25 (You Are The Villain). The first is my space shooter with the working name ‘Those Stupid Aliens.’ I will probably have to change the name, as I am reminded often by my four year old that ‘stupid’ is a bad word. The other is my reverse Pacman entry where you control the ghosts to trap the invader from stealing your pellets. The third game… well, I’ll reveal that later on if things work out well with the first two.

I will tackle LS-MAN first, as that code is the most familiar to me at this point. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get it done before the end of the month and get a head start on the other for February.