One Game A Month: January – LS-MAN Submitted


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It’s not perfect, and there certainly are bugs to be found (especially with the path-following code) but it’s well-done enough for me to call it a finished game. It’s a game with a beginning, a middle and an end. I think this is a great success.

Screenshot of the Classic level of LS-MAN.

LS-MAN is a reverse-Pacman game where you control the creatures in the maze and attempt to stop the invader from stealing all the treasure pellets. The object is to do in as fast a time with the least amount of pellets eaten as possible. You control the creatures with the mouse and can select them by either clicking directly on them, on their button or hitting keys 1 through 4 on the keyboard. Then you use the mouse to select their destination. The creatures all have different personalities, and as such, have different levels of focus and attention span, as well as speed of travel. You will notice that some of them will ignore further commands for a short time after being given a command, and also at some point forget where they were going and return to roaming the maze. When LS-MAN eats a special super pellet, he becomes Super LS-MAN and can, for a limited duration, neutralize your creatures and remove them from the maze. Be careful when directing a creature to the player near a super pellet.

Go check out my January game, LS-MAN!


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